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Information for students, who come to live with us

"Herzlich Willkommen" to Kiel, Germany
or, as we say here: "Moin!"

Herzlich Willkommen is how we say "welcome" in Germany. And that is just what we want to say to you soon."Moin!" is the typical term to say "Hi!" in northern Germany.

If you have any question in advance, feel free to contact us! We look forward to meet you!

The City of Kiel

Having 230.000 inhabitants, Kiel is the largest city in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and its capital. It is located around the very end of the "Kieler Förde", a fjord of the Baltic Sea, which is about 20 km long.

Being close to the seaside, Kiel is famous for all kinds of water activities, especially during the summer.

Getting to Hamburg (Germanys second largest city) is no problem from here, it just takes an one-hour car ride or an hour by train.

Check out the english Kiel article on Wikipedia.

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